We ♥ Instagram! Spring Edition!

avril 22, 2013

Hi there!

Have you noticed? It’s #spring! Well, the calendar has been trying to convince us since March, but the weather has only really started cooperating a few days ago (and even at that, it snowed for a few minutes this weekend in Montreal.) Despite this unsightly precipitation, Instagram has been blooming with spring shots from all over the world.

Nothing like mint green and floral prints to get us feeling like spring is truly here. ♥


The lovely DJ Abeille Gelinas, stylishly cycling in her floral pants. Her turquoise bicycle just screams happy springtime thoughts!  (Courtesy of @mechant_mangeur) 


Accessories of season: vivid, chunky jewelry- as demonstrated by the lovely vintage bust J (Courtesy of @shopbelina) 


Matching purse and wallet. I love this kind of shot! (Courtesy of @pen_and_paint)


Bright, hand painted shoes. I bet everyone is looking forward to ditching their socks. (Courtesy of @maloribloss)

Do you have a green thumb? If you’re like me, you probably already have your seeds sown. Meanwhile, other cities are already capturing their flowers in full bloom. (Don’t despair, Montrealers. It’s almost our turn.)


The trendy @Anthropologie chain always posts shots of events they host in their stores all year long. This past weekend, they hosted an Earth Day event, showcasing their pots, plants and lovely springtime home accessories. (Courtesy of @anthropologie) 


Cherry blossoms in NYC! (Courtesy of @linavalentina)


Tulips in Cincinnati. (Courtesy of @daniel_kersey)

Happy Spring time everyone! xo
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Géraldine, collaboratrice
À propos de l'auteure:

Géraldine est une professeure d'école secondaire, elle est aussi une de mes amies les plus chères. Fan finie de médias sociaux, Instagram est de loin son préféré d'entre tous. Suivez-la sur Instagram:@geraldinea. Le mardi elle nous présente ses trouvailles de la semaine! C'est un rendez-vous! xo

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