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avril 30, 2013

auteur: Géraldine

Good morning everyone!

Remember when I told you the sun would shine over Montreal soon enough? I was right! Anyway, last week I was just waiting for this beautiful weather, and I was so inspired by the springtime posts of others. This week, I simply feel like sharing the coolest pictures I fell upon.

My favourite kind of pic is the “look-at-what-I’m-in-the-middle-of-doing” kind. If you don’t know what I mean, let me explain. It’s the kind of picture where things look kind of messy (either intentionally or not), and you can see what a person is doing before he or she is done. The person could be crafting, cooking, studying, and so on. He\she captures his\her tools and unfinished product, which is really fun to look at. For some reason, it’s inspiring to see the process behind the final product. 

Photo 1: Spray painting anchors in gold. (c/o @heygorgevents)
Photo 2: Thrift shopping for various vintage containers (c/o @megan_gray)
Photo 3: Sifting through old mail, postcards and stamps. How pretty is this? (c/o @shanafrase)

Have I ever told you that I love #cats? It’s a relatively new thing for me. I only had my first pet cat in 2008. Ever since, I can absolutely relate to any cat story or picture that is shared with me (I’m not crazy, I promise.) And, I know, the Internet is already full of cats… What’s fun is that Instagram lets you proudly share your little furball of love with communities of cat lovers from around the world.

Photo 4: A pineapple and a cat. Why not? (c/o @moonlightjade)
Photo 5: @cats_of_instagram is an all-cat, all-the-time account. Tag your own pictures to have them showcase your kitty. This one is originally from @catinberlin. He wears bowties. (c/o @cats_of_instagram)
Photo 6: A cat in a box, by @beemo_cat. Is there anything sweeter? (c/o @cats_of_instagram)

Lastly for this week, I would like to introduce you to the concept of #throwbackthursdays. C’est quoi ça? Post an old picture, something that makes you nostalgic and\or that makes you laugh. It can be as old as your first communion, or as recent as your last trip to Italy. The idea is you’re doing a little time traveling through a photo that you enjoy. Follow that hashtag, and I guarantee you will find some real gems.

Photo 7: A dear friend of mine, in her first communion dress. Gotta love the 90s! (Courtesy of my friend who shall remain nameless, but who gave me her blessing to share the awesomeness of this picture!)

Ger  xxxx

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Géraldine, collaboratrice
À propos de l'auteure:

Géraldine est une professeure d'école secondaire, elle est aussi une de mes amies les plus chères. Fan finie de médias sociaux, Instagram est de loin son préféré d'entre tous. Suivez-la sur Instagram:@geraldinea. Le mardi elle nous présente ses trouvailles de la semaine! C'est un rendez-vous! xo

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