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juin 03, 2013

auteur: Géraldine


I’d like to share some of my favourite pictures from my own Instagram account. Unlike the many people I follow, I don’t seem to have a theme. I just snap away and share what I like at the moment. My purpose isn’t even to have a lot of followers (I actually have a private account, but I accept requests from people who seem normal… and who aren’t students! So welcome aboard!) This will sound sappy, but it makes me happy to add a little bit of joy to someone’s day by sharing my silly pictures.

Picture 1: A birthday card from my bff. It says it all!
Picture 2: Before the original Grumpy Cat, my grumpy cat Cali
Picture 3: My parents on St-Joseph, eating zeppole (an Italian treat, eaten only on St-Joseph’s day)

Picture 4: Remember that crazy heat wave in March 2012? We made mojitos.
Picture 5: I moved out of my parents’ house last year, and this was a box full of photo albums (I told you I liked taking pictures!)
Picture 6: An ostrich at the Ostrich Farm in Aruba. I think he’s so cool!

Picture 7: Correction “party” with my teacher friend.
Picture 8: Yes, I take pictures of my food. Sometimes, we just can’t help it, ok? This was at Crudessence, a vegan raw resto in MTL.
Picture 9: One of my hobbies is making cards. Another hobby of mine is planning parties. Here, an invitation I made to a party I’m planning.

Picture 10: Just like week, it seemed like all my coworkers decided to wear something blue, orange, pink, or a combination of each. 

There are some pretty cool apps that help you modify or edit your pictures, as well make some neat collages. Once I have more time, I’ll make sure to fill you in on those!

Have a great week!

*Retrouvez-nous sur Instagram, sous NaNaToulouse!

Géraldine, collaboratrice
À propos de l'auteure:

Géraldine est une professeure d'école secondaire, elle est aussi une de mes amies les plus chères. Fan finie de médias sociaux, Instagram est de loin son préféré d'entre tous. Suivez-la sur Instagram:@geraldinea. Le mardi elle nous présente ses trouvailles de la semaine! C'est un rendez-vous! xo

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