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juin 26, 2013

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auteure: Géraldine

Hi everyone!

(Cue music) Schooooool’s out for summer!

While I was busy finishing up my school year, Instagram totally dropped the most amazing bomb! They introduced Instagram Video. We live in the future, people!!

A few months ago, Vine became really popular (a video-sharing app, that plays six-second videos in a loop.) I was skeptical at first: how much can you actually capture in six seconds? Well, enough to make a funny video! Students have shown me what they’ve found, and even Ellen is on it. I was on the bandwagon, but never did I ever think I would actually create a video of my own.

Enter Instagram Video: all the fun of filters and hashtags, but now the images have been brought to life! It’s kind of bizarre to watch something that is normally still suddenly move for 15 seconds (is this what it felt like to watch television for the first time?) I can hear the voices of people I’ve been following for over a year, which is also a little offsetting.

 Overall, it’s a fun idea. While it may eat up your data, it certainly is more entertaining than some other apps I’ve paid for.

I was already following @nyc (because who doesn’t love New York City, right?) This account has fully taken advantage of the video option, and it is cool to see little videos capturing a random New York minute (ok, 15 seconds, but still.) Check it out here

By the way, NaNaToulouse a fait un bref séjour à New York. Envie de connaître quelques hot spots? C'est ici:

NYC jour 2 (part one) NYC jour 2 (part two)

*Vous pouvez également suivre NaNaToulouse sur Instagram!

Géraldine, collaboratrice
À propos de l'auteure:

Géraldine est une professeure d'école secondaire, elle est aussi une de mes amies les plus chères. Fan finie de médias sociaux, Instagram est de loin son préféré d'entre tous. Suivez-la sur Instagram:@geraldinea. Le mardi elle nous présente ses trouvailles de la semaine! C'est un rendez-vous! xo

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