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octobre 28, 2014

Here’s an interesting concept: buy a scented candle, and win a ring! It’s probably not what you think of when you’re purchasing candles to set the tone in your living room, but it does add a new exciting feature to a decorative fave.


Diamond Candles are scented soy candles, available in many original scents for all seasons. What makes their candles exclusive is that with every purchase, you have the chance to win a pretty ring. It’s as simple as lighting a match: when you receive your candle, there will be a 10$ ring and a code packaged with it. You have to enter the code on their website. If you’re a winner, your prize is either a 100$, 1000$, or a 5000$ ring! (Yay!) What’s more is that if you win, you get to select and design the ring that you like.

It’s kind of strange, but it makes purchasing candles a lot more interesting. Not that anyone needs another reason to buy candles, but this certainly is one way to get us buying them. Based on the reaction of some winners (see website for fun winners’ reactions) I feel like they’re totally worth it. Their selection is wide, and the prices are affordable. Right now, they are selling some cute Halloween candles (candy corn, black cauldron, and pumpkin espresso!) so if you’re looking for a cute decoration and some new jewelry, I suggest you check it out!

Ger xoxo 

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