Thankful for Thanksgiving!

octobre 16, 2014

In the last few years, more and more of my friends claim that Thanksgiving is their favourite holiday. The food is amazing and it's a day off in the middle of October, long after the back-to-school blues have faded away, and far away enough from Christmas. Thanksgiving is pretty awesome.

This year, I hosted my family for Thanksgiving dinner, and I was truly inspired to prep some decorations. 

I'm not crazy about the colours of the walls in my condo, but that October afternoon sunshine has a way of truly lighting up my place in ways that the summer sun does not. It's purty!

This year, I'm especially thankful for my family and the opportunity to share food and laughs together. We watched my wedding video and enjoyed some games. A thanksgiving to remember for sure :) 

Wishing you all the best that the fall season has to offer!
Ger xoxo 

Géraldine est une professeure d'école secondaire, elle est aussi une de mes amies les plus chères. Fan finie de médias sociaux, Instagram est de loin son préféré d'entre tous.  Le mardi matin, elle nous présente ses trouvailles de la semaine et ce, toujours dans la langue de Shakespeare! C'est un rendez-vous! Suivez-la sous @geraldinea pour en découvrir davantage sur elle! 

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